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Release Date: December 2015

'Only Love' is the title of the new album by Jean Paul Samputu, internationally acclaimed Rwandan singer/songwriter. For the last eight years, Samputu has been giving his full attention to his global forgiveness campaign, urging the people of the world to practice forgiveness and love for world peace and reconciliation.


This new album is a celebration of love as the ultimate source of peace and hope for a better world. Samputu’s clear and beautiful voice in the soothing melodies of songs such as 'Only Love' and 'Nkundira Ugaruke' (Please come back), will make his fans forgive his prolonged absence.


Samputu is doing more than just coming back. In songs such as 'Rwanda Nkunda' (Rwanda my love) and 'Intero y’Ineza' (The Anthem to Goodness), the traditional intwatwa (pygmy) and jazz styles beautifully fuse to give birth to Pygmy-Jazz as a new style of music. In these Pygmy-Jazz songs Samputu releases a strong voice punctuated with his famous growls. As Samputu would put it, 'this new genre is heavenly'.


The most wonderful surprise on the album is when Samputu sings “Timbuktu Mon Amour.” The song is a sober lamentation of a refugee who braves the desert, and the sea, looking for a better future in Europe. The economy of words in this song is probably the strongest reminder that people are still paying the ultimate price to escape war and misery in their home countries. And Samputu, the tireless peace campaigner, is telling the world the plight of refugees in a soaring but broken voice.


'Only love' was released on December 12, 2015; and is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, among many other stores near you.

After releasing his new album `Only Love` Jean Paul Samputu is not resting. He is in regular contact with his fans via twitter and Facebook. He regularly meets the press both at home in Rwanda and in East Africa where the new album has been very well received.


His international promotion for the new album started with interviews at the BBC in London, where he was the guest of , among others:

C'est Le Moment , BBC Afrique, with Ata Ahli Ahebla

NewsDay, BBC World Service, with Julian Keane

BBC Afrique, with Geneviève Sagno

BBC Swahili, with Zuhura Yunus

Imvo n'Imvano, BBC, Kinyarwanda and Kirundi, with Ally Yousuf Mugenzi and Felin Gakwaya


During 2016 and 2017, Samputu will be touring, and promoting his music and message of forgiveness in Europe and Asia.


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